" Marriage Registration "

What is marriage certificate ?
A marriage certificate (sometimes: marriage lines) is an official statement that two people are married. In most jurisdictions, a marriage certificate is issued by a government official only after the civil registration of the marriage.
In some jurisdictions, especially in the United States, a marriage certificate is the official record that two people have undertaken a marriage ceremony. This includes jurisdictions where marriage licenses do not exist. In other jurisdictions, a marriage license serves a dual purpose of granting permission for a marriage to take place and then endorsing the same document to record the fact that the marriage has been performed.
Importance of marriage certificate ?
The marriage certificate is an Mandatory document while applying for a passport or opening a bank account with a new surname post-wedding. Also, in the case of foreign travel or visa processing, many embassies request a copy of the marriage certificate. Hence, a marriage certificate is many obligatory couples to move abroad after the wedding.
Required Documents for Marriage Registration ?
To complete marriage registration Process and obtain a marriage certificate in Delhi & Delhi NCR the documents below :

- Address proof :  anyyou can provide govt. ID,  like  adhar card / voter ID card 
- age proof : We need age proof Documents, we need any one age proof documents wich is mantioned below : 
(a) 10th certificate 
(b) birth certificate 
(c) passport (valid date) 

- wedding card 
- two post card size wedding picture of bride & groom. 
- five passportr size photograph of each one.


who can be Witness ?

 Any person who has made an appearance at the marriage registration of the couple shall be a witness, and the witness must possess a valid PAN Card and a Proof of residence.

-We need any two witnesses, they shuld be from delhi (if you apply from delhi)

(a)pan card (compulsory)
(c)voter id
(e) driving license(if b or c not avliable) 

-Need tow witnesses ID's it should be self attested.